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Yobolife LM-3606

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Yebolife LM-3606

Product Description
Solar charging digital kit
Microprocessor controlled digital circuit.
Built-in 12V 5Ah rechargeable sealed lead-acid battery
Wide voltage range AC110-240, 50/60Hz
Using 18V 15W Solar Panel (max input less than 30W)
DC 12V Output (can charge up to 5 items at one time)
USB output 2.1A/1.0A
Charge mobile phone (can charge up to 2 items at one time)
Charge tablet
Support the DC 12V TV less than 17 Inch.
Support the DC 12V Fan & USB Fan
Support Router
Each Bulb has a separate switch – Hi & Lo option.
Lighting time with 1 LED bulb: Hi 25 hours / Low 50 hours
Lighting time with 2 LED bulb: Hi 13 hours / Low 26 hours
Lighting time with 3 LED bulb: Hi 8.5 hours / Low 17 hours
Lighting time with 4 LED bulb: Hi 6.5 hours / Low 13 hours
When the LED bulb goes dim, pls charge the product immediately.
Charge once every 3 months, & charge over 8 hours each time