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About Us

Sosolar is a Johannesburg, South African based company that specialises in solar cooking, solar lights and solar power systems. Solar Cookers are highly effective, durable products. It is easy to boil water, cook soups and stews, mieliepap, bake bread and cakes, grill fry and braai meat using only the power of the sun. These cookers can save consumers money, as well as ensuring a safe environment, without the danger of fires and fumes. Slow cooking keeps in all the flavour and nutrients and with these cookers food generally takes from 20 minutes to 5 hours to cook, depending on what type of food it is, and what solar stove you use. There is no electricity, no gas, no wood, no coal, no fires, no danger of children getting burned and no pollution.

Cooking on Solar Cookers would reduce the amount of trees being cut down and reduce carbon emissions because less fossil fuels would be needed to generate electricity. Potentially solar cooking has the ability to improve our environment, the more people that switch over to this way of life, the better it is for the world we live in. If only 10% of all South Africans used solar cooking, there would be approximately enough power saved that would be generated by 1 power station.

We at Sosolar are passionate about solar cooking. Give solar cooking a try, you won’t believe how effective and delicious your cooking will be!

Solar lights are great for power outages and camping. They can also be used to save power and candles. We have a great range of different solar lights and different prices.

Solar Power generation can power a small house and power lights, tvs, radios, computers, cd players, small fridges and just about any small appliance. It can also be used to charge cell phones etc.