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Walk-in Greenhouse - 2 Tier 12 Shelves

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Walk-in Greenhouse -2 Tier 12 Shelves
Indoor Outdoor -143 x 213 x 195- Portable Plant Gardening Greenhouse
Mini Walk-in Greenhouse 143 x 213 x 195

Indoor Outdoor -2 Tier 12 Shelves- Portable Plant Gardening Greenhouse , Grow Plant s, Herbs and Flowers- Hot House

Great Feature: A window insect Repellent with a a insect repellent Gauze to allow hot air out in Summer.

This mini walk-in greenhouse is built with a metal frame with powder coating. The clear water resistant PE cover protects plants from frost or insects while allowing nourishing sunlight to pass through.

Water Resistant and UV protection, ideal growing environment , can be used indoor and outdoor at all seasons. Perfect for protecting young plants or extending the plant growing season.

Overall Dimensions: 143 x 213 x 195 Easy to assemble, no tools required. Enjoying a lot of fun of the flowers and plants in your leisure time!

Comes with ropes and anchors, which will securely fix the greenhouse to the ground to add stability. The walk-in style allows for easy access to water and feed plants. Zippered roll-up door for better ventilation.

12 Shelves create plenty of room for your plants, herbs, vegetables, or flowers. Giving your patios, balconies, decks and gardens a touch of green without any fuss!
Warranty-Limited (6 months)