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TK8 High Pressure Controller

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TK-8A solar heater micro-computer all-intelligence controller is especially equipped for the solar heater, which is applied with the latest development in the digital singlechip technology.
It has the following characteristics: water replenishment; all-intelligence heating; humanization design; power-off memory; time setting; (overflow, high-temperature and creepage) protection; heating to a constant temper; water-replenishment to a constant volume; twice time-setting (water
-replenishment, heating); super lightening protection; manual control and optional automatic pressurization or heat preservation, etc. It suits all the users who want high-quality life. It is of high convenience, safety and practice.
1.Technical index
1.1 applied power source: 220V/50Hz power: <5w
1.2 thermometric precision: ‡ 2 °
1.3 thermometric range: 0-99 °
1.4 temperature-control precision: #2 °C
1.5 water levels: 5
1.6 power of the water-pump or electronic heating belt: <500 W
1.7 power of the electronic heating: € 1500 W
1.8 electric current of creepage < 10 mA/0.1S
1.9 electromagnetic valve index: DC 12V, with or without valve is optional working pressure of the "with valve": 0.02 MPa ~ 0.8 MPa, suitable for direct water supply;
working pressure of the "without valve": 0.0MPa, suitable for water supply from the water-tank or with low water pressure.