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Mini Stepper Exercise Machine

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- Hydraulic Mini Stepper foot climbing exercise to lose weight fitness
- Does not occupy a space, easy to place
- The product structure is excellent, with two "hydraulic buffer bars".
- Attached to the computer screen, great for your sports management
- You need to adjust exercise intensity depend on you
- Mute design, suitable for household use
- Count: Display the number of times up and down movement
- Time: Display your movement of the time
- Scan: scanning data
- Calorie: Display the quantity of heat that use up
- Strides/Min: Display average step number per minute
- Carry buttock function, strong hips, shaping the body
- Wriggled function, strong abdomen and waist, shape the abdominal waist
- Stepper function, strong legs, shape perfect legs

- Material: Steel
- Capacity: 100kg
- Max Loading Weight: 100kg approx.
- Product Dimension (L x W x H): 34cm x 30cm x 17cm approximately