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Large Portable DC UPS 19v Lithium LifePo4 20800mah

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Portable UPS Large Powerful 19v 20800mah Lithium LifePo4 Battery

Provide uninterruptible power supply for small digital products such as communication, network equipment, router wifi, modem, and monitoring.
The ST-100W Mini DC 100Wh UPS is simple to install and allows you to power various devices during a power outage. With multiple-voltage DC outputs, this UPS can power both your Router and ONU(Optical Network Unit) so you can continue browsing the web, working online, or streaming. CCTV cameras and VoIP phones can also be connected and powered via the Power Over Ethernet(PoE) port. Charge mobile devices such as cell phones and tablets via USB. Featuring 8 high-capacity Lithium-ion (20800mAh) batteries with safety protocols such as over-charge, over-discharge, and short circuit protection.
Note this UPS could charge a Laptop but you will need to buy the correct connector for your laptop from a computer shop.

Input: 100-240Vac 50/60Hz / 12-24Vdc(2.5A Max)
Output: 5VDC + USB x2 (2.4A)/ 1 x 9V/12V (2A) (selectable)/4 x 12V(5A)/2 x 24/48V (POE x 2) (0.4A) (selectable)
Output power: 100W
Battery capacity: 20800mAh
Battery type: Lithium-Ion/LiFePO4
Operation temperature in working mode: 0-40?