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Heavy Duty Back Pain Inversion Table

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This is the heavy-duty gravity inversion table with an adjustable headrest and protective belt. Easily adjustable to fit most user heights.

It is a gravitational device that helps you stand upside down by placing yourself on it. It can help relieve stress from your neck and back, strengthen your lower back muscles, and increase circulation.

Stimulate your lymphatic system. Helps relieve pressure on discs and nerve roots. Improves blood circulation and posture. Improves body flexibility and reduces back pain.

Easy to adjust the height to accommodate each person's body type. Simply fold this fitness machine into a single panel for neat and secure storage.

- Foldable and portable
- Triple protection safety
- Adjustable heavy-duty table
- Unmatched security and durability

- Package weight; 24kg
- Item dimensions; l=74cm x h=125.5cm x w=10cm
- Package dimensions; l=81.5cm x h=125.5cm x w=10cm

What's in the box
1 x Heavy Duty Back Pain Inversion Table