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Hand Pressing Power Flashlight 3 led

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This flashlight does not need any battery or bulb, simply shake to use. Using this torch may strengthen the user's grip to promote better blood circulation drop the handle down and press continuously for some time to automatically generate power.

- LED Torch adopts advanced technology of LEDs emitting level of 3 fluorescence tubes.
- Works on a new technology of pressing handle with your hand, environment friendly.
- The lightweight and compact flashlight are convenient to carry with the hand strap design.
- Suitable for different occasions like camping, hiking, night walking, and emergent occasions.
- The hand crank light is made of durable material, the shell is solid, which can protect the internal
parts, and the LED lamp has a long service life.

Simply pump the button on the side to recharge
Get a quick workout while recharging
Promotes healthy blood flow
For Home, Car Emergencies, Camping, Hiking, Outdoor Night Activities (No batteries required ever!) Just shake and use.