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Foldable Collapsible Pull-Up Fitness Station

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Size: 129.54*33.02*22.86cm Product name: Foldable Collabsable Pull-Up Fitness Station Color: Red Material: Steel Usage: Bodybuilding Fitness Size: 129.54*33.02*22.86cm MOQ: 500pcs Multi-Function Fitness: - Use for knee raise station, multi-grip pull-up station, dip station, push-up station, and other strength training exercises. Comfortable Hand Grips: - Help minimize hand fatigue after long exercises. - We adopt High-density foam grips, an H-shaped frame base with skid-resistant feet, safe and stable. helping you to tone abdominal muscles inconvenience; the removable backrest provides comfort during the workout, and the multifunctional tower for push-ups. Great for portable and small spaces as one is able to open and close and fold the Fitness station up Wide Use: - Pull up, exercise back, arm, and waist muscles, improve heart and lung function. - Push up, exercise back and arm muscles, lift hips and lower leg lines. - It is ideal for exercise and workouts at home, gym, or office.