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E-Bike 250w 8Ah Lithium Battery 36V 21 Speed-L88-Carbon Steel

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Most cyclists travel 16 to 19Km, but an e-bike can average 35km. E-bikes allow you to get to your destination faster than a regular bike. E-bikes are not more dangerous than regular bikes. They just have different risks. E-bikes tend to be safer than regular bikes because you can accelerate to get out of the way faster and travel at higher speeds, keeping up with traffic. Battery Charging Time: 4~6hours. Foldable format: designed to be stored in cars, apartments or on arrival at the office.

Easy to ride. Pedal assist gives riders a boost. It helps with hills, inclines, and rough terrain, allowing for a smoother ride thus reducing stress on joints. You can also ride with greater power and precision than a regular bike. And it gets people cycling who may not otherwise ride a traditional bike because of physical aches and pains. Additionally, you can take longer rides without physical exhaustion.

Depending on the person's physical condition, the type of terrain or the distance, the electrical bike can be more comfortable since it allows the rider to cover more distance or climb hills when more moderate physical exercise is required. The bicycle does not do the riding for you, it provides a slight impulse when you start or ride uphill with a smooth, fluid movement.

The electrical bicycle or e-bike is a traditional bicycle that is equipped with an electric motor to help with pedaling. How does an electrical bicycle work? It consists of several parts: a cycling system (part of the traditional bicycle), battery, controller (sends power to the motor), electric motor and pedaling sensor. The motor is supplied with power from the battery, which is recharged in the electrical grid, although a solar panel can also be used. When the sensor detects pedaling, it starts the motor, which helps on steep hills and long distances. When the rider stops pedaling or brakes, the motor stops. Bicycles are a wonderful means of transportation that helps preserve the environment: it reduces air contamination, ecological footprints, and carbon emissions, and is healthy.

  • Wheel size: 26"
  • Frame: Carbon Steel C50
  • Handlebar Sets: aluminum alloy Matte black
  • Clamps: Carbon steel, Quick release 34.9mm
  • Fork: Carbon steel Pure Electric(5 shifts)
  • Shifting Lever: SHIMANO TX30-7
  • Front & Rear Derailleur: SHIMANO TZ30 & TZ50
  • Crank sets: Pro-wheel Square hole, 22-32- 42T
  • SHIMANO TZ21-7,14-28T
  • Chain: YBN-7S
  • BB: KENLI, square hole, Bearing BB68, Screw
  • Brake: Brand KAMROS Mechanical Disc Brake
  • Rim: Caron Steel with Double-Dec, W24*H19mm
  • Tire: KENDA / CST 26" x 1.95
  • Riding Mode: Electric Power-Assist(5 shifts)Pure Human riding ?21 Speed?
  • Travel Range: Electric Power-Assist 50~80KM Pure Electric 30~40KM
  • Max Speed: 30~35Km/h
  • Battery Charging Time: 4~6hours

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