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Dc Stove & 100Ah Battery

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Comes with two power heat options: 300w and 600w
The Hot Plate is connected with 4 clips- two red (Positive)Clips and two black(negative) connection clips.
option 1: 300w power option: one must connect 1 red clip and 1 black clip to the battery. The first red light on the hotplate will indicate on.
option 2: 600w power option one must connect the 2 red clips and 2 black clips to the battery. Two red lights on the hotplate will indicate on.

Convenient: heats evenly, can make tea, steamed fish, cooking,
Perfect for solar systems, cars, trucks, RVs, Camping, & Power outages
Perfect for villages that have no electricity.

-no radiation, no electromagnetic wave radiation, suitable for pregnant
women, ol
- multiple safety protection, prevent overheating & leakage, no fire,
waterproof, safe and reliable. Smokeless, no gas, does not produce carbon monoxide,
-Use ceramic pot stainless
steel pot, iron, aluminum,

Cooker type: 12V DC Hot Plate
Battery Color: Red
Voltage: 12V
Working Power: 300W-600W
Heating: Hot plate
Power supply: Solar, battery, car, truck, boat, RVs, camping
What's In the Box
1 x Cooker Stove 12v DC


Battery Type - 12v 100Amp Rechargeable Gel Deep Cycle Battery With Button Style Terminals, Handle to Carry Battery
Watt-hours: 1200hours

Application - Alarm System, Emergency Lighting System, Standby Power Supply and Uninterrupted Power Supply, Telecommunication System, Computer Standby Power Supply System, and Solar.

Usage: For Standby Use - Charging Voltage: 13.50-13.80v.
For Cycle Use – Charging Voltage: 14.40-14.80v
All batteries cannot be drained of more than 50% of their power. If one uses it or drains it below 50%, it will result in a ruining of the battery. We will not be held responsible for this.
All batteries should be used with a charge controller to control the usage and draining and should be set to cut off at 12.6v. We strongly recommend that you use a Qualified Installer.

Caution - Avoid Short Circuit, Keep Away from Flammables, Do Not Charge in a Sealed Container, and Recharge Immediately After Discharge
Do Not Use the Battery Where There Is No Ventilation.
Rugged Design - The Battery Case Is Made from A Non-conductive Abs Plastic, Strong Resistance to Shock, Vibration, Chemicals, Weather, and Heat. Very Easy to Install and Requires No Maintenance.

Warranty - Each Battery Has Been Strictly Quality Controlled. Double Quality Control Checked once at the Factory, & once before it goes to the customer. And comes with a test report.
Each Deep Cycle Battery Comes with a 6 Month Warranty.
So, You Can Purchase with Confident.

Please note:
Check the size of the battery before purchasing, A genuine 100Ah Deep Cycle Gel Battery will weigh 30Kg. If we claim a battery is 100Ah it is 100% 100Ah.
Our battery size claims are 100 % GENUINE.

How to check their capacity claims.
To calculate Watt-hours 12V x 100Ah = 1200Watt hours
Then take a DC implement of say 100W. The battery should work for 1200 divide by 100 = 12hours. So your implementation should work for 12hours.

Length(cm)40.5 x Height(cm)23.5 x Width(cm)17.5
Weight: 30kg