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50w Premium Flood Light

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-Material: Aluminum
-Design, LED Power: 50w,
-Solar Panel: 30w, Storage capacity: 5000mAh,
-Battery Voltage: 3.2v,
-Working time: 15hrs-18Hrs
-Can be opened to change the battery
-Charging time:6-8hrs,
-Protection Grade: IP67 (even though it is an IP67 water resistant, if water does get in, can be
opened to let it dry)
-Some were smaller casing but brighter light.


-If the meter on the left bottom is 50%, it is preferable to let it charge to full recovery.
-If it is between 50 and 100 percent, one can use the light, but better to charge to full recovery.
-If it is on a 100 % it means fully charged.
-One can adjust the brightness gradually from low brightness to high brightness with the remote.
-If you press memory "M" it will come onto that brightness every time it comes on by itself.
-One can also program it to come on for only 3hr, 5hr or 8 hours.
-It will come on for only 3 hours, every night as required if you press "M"
-Should you wish to revert to normal press auto, and it will go back to normal working mode, which
means it will come on automatically if the sun goes down and it will go off when the sun comes up


Install the light on the wall or any vertical surface,
2, Place the panel north facing (20-45 degrees) on a sunny surface,
3, Connect the solar panel to your light, tighten the waterproof connection,
4, Press the Auto button on the remote (facing to the light) to set the on/off function, you can also
set the brightness, and hours 3hrs, 6hrs and 8hrs.
To check if its working before installation, . connect the panel to the light tightly, put the panel in
the sun, One of the 5 lights should start flashing, which means its charging and working