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200w Ceiling Light

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200w Solar Celling Light
The batteries we use in our products are matched to last enough hours, according to the size of the light wattage. We use only new batteries, not refurbished.
Our light wattage claims are genuine.
Our battery claims are genuine.
We sell quality products

Perfect for indoor light in your shed, barn, garage, porch, hallway, home patio, balcony etc.
Which doesn't get electricity or especially when there is a Power Outage.

Easy Installation without wires.
The 200W ceiling light indoor home is equipped with a remote control, to control the lighting time & brightness (10%-100% brightness) can be set with the remote.

The remote has a memory function.
Solar ceiling lights can be switched between White Light and Neutral Light by pressing the remote.
Can set to go on for 3,5,8 hours or the whole night.
Usage: Indoors only and is not waterproof.
Power Source solar-powered, battery-powered
The solar ceiling light comes with a 5m long extendable cable.
You can mount it as ceiling light or wall light.
The brightness will last longer if set to a lower brightness.
Auto on- in the night or manual switch on at any time.
Fully charged in the sun, will last 10 hours
Remote Features: Time Switch, Light Control, Wireless Remote Control

Packaged Size: H (54cm) L (38cm) W (9.5) weight (4210g)
Panel Size: H (54cm) L (36.5cm) W (2.5) weight (2460g)
Light Size: H10*D38cm

200W Solar Ceiling Light Specs
Solar Panel: Mono 6V/20W
SMD Led: 400pcs
Battery: 3.2V/24Ah
Case Material: ABS
IP Rating: IP65
Charging time: 5-6H
Illumination time: Sustainable 10-12Hours Fully charged
Control mode: Light control, time control