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Purit 14L Water Filter Cleaners Dispenser With Mineral Pot

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This standalone filtration system slow filters the water from the top container into the bottom container through the 7 stages and does not require connection to a tap.
Simply pour water into the top container and allow the water to filter through to the bottom.

The filter set is effective for up to 1 year or 5 000L (Approx. 14L per day) of filtered water, which ever comes first.

The compact and portable design makes it suitable for counter top home / office use, as a dispenser for clean, healthy water when going camping or to take along on vacation where water quality and taste may be a bit of an unknown and / or concern.

Filter Stages:
- Stage 1: Micro Porous Ceramic Filter filters out all dirt, sand, bacteria and micro particles 0.2 micron and bigger. (Diameter of Bacteria is 0.5 - 1.0)
- Stage 2 to 6: Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) and Multi-Mineral filters removes Chlorine, Heavy Metals, Pesticides and other Chemicals yet retains all the good minerals and nutrients.
- Stage 7: Andesite Mineral Stone Filter contains nourishing minerals such as potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium and other micro elements which are essential for good health and enhances the taste and odour of the water making it taste and smell like fresh mineral spring water

Magnetic Water Tap:
The earth's magnetic field generally promotes vitality for the human body. To exploit this essence, the outlet tap of the water system is fitted with magnetic in line with the latest water technology. Magnetized water has free moving hexagonal structured water molecules in harmony with body fluids. Just like mineral spring water, it promotes health and vitality, and imparts many therapeutic properties.

First Time Use:
Follow the supplied filter rinsing instructions to activate the multi-stage filter for first time use.Also rinse the Mineral Stone filter.
Following installation and filling the water dispenser for the first time, the first batch of water can have a relatively pronounced mineral taste.
These are all the nourishing minerals of the Andesite Mineral Stone. After a couple of batches this becomes less pronounced and tastes great.

- Waterfall 14L Water Dispenser with Filter and Mineral Pot which can take up to 14L of water
- The Waterfall 14L Water Dispenser with Filter / Mineral Pot is a 7-stage filter which removes sediment and particles from water as well as chlorine and harmful heavy metals leaving you with clean, healthy, great tasting, fresh drinking water.

First Time Use:
- Fill the Upper Tank with water and allow to filter to Lower Tank
- Once the first batch has filtered, discard the water in the Lower Tank
- Now fill the Upper Tank again and allow to filter to Lower Tank
- Drink fresh, great tasting mineral water!

Positioning and Maintenance:
- Position the Mineral Pot away from direct sunlight to avoid algae growth
- The Ceramic Filter can be sanded with wet sand paper once dirty
- Once orange balls of the Cartridge filter has dissolved it is time to be replaced along with the Mineral Stone filter.

What's in the box
1 x Lid
1 x Upper Tank
1 x Middle Base
1 x Ceramic Dome Filter
1 x Cartridge Hanger
1 x Multi- Media Cartridge
1 x Mineral Stone
1 x Lower Tank
1 x Tap
1 x Bottom Base
1 x User Manual