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10w Solar LED Light

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1 With 20 pcs high brightness SMD LED
2 Super lung lifespan battery, can rechargeable more than 500 times
3.Emergency duration time more than 7 hours 4. Using drawing dynamic switch with three mode, intermediate mode
for OFF, can be adjusted freely second brightness,
5. This product fit handle and is easy to carry 6. With emergency function
7.The solar panel can charge mobile phone
8 Charging with solar panel need 6-10 hours depended on sunshine

9.Solar panel 6V 1.2W


1 When push the switch to OFF, the light will be charge
2 When push the switch to left side, it is 50% saving mode, can last the duration time more longer
3 When push the switch to right side, it is 100% mode
4.The red indicator will light when the solar panel insert in, it means the light is charging
5.Please turn off the light when charging, in order to shorten the charging time