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1000W Pure Sine Inverter with Charger

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Output Voltage:  220 VAC/110V

Output frequency:  50Hz +-2Hz/60Hz/60HZ+-2

Output waveform:  Pure sine wave

Input voltage range:  10.0-15.5 VDC/20.0-21VDC

Low battery alarm(nominal):10.4-11.0V/21.0-22.0VDC

Low battery shutdown point(nominal)9.7-10.4VDC/19.5-20.8VDC

High Battery shutdown point(nominal)14.5-15.5V/29-30VDC

Battery drain with on AC load (at 12V input):<0.3A

Continues AC output power: 80W/100W/120W/300W/350W/500W/550W/800W/ 1000W/1200W/2000W/3000W

Maximum AC output power: 160W/200W/300W//600W/700W/1000W/1100W/