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10000Mah Solar Power Bank

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10000Mah Solar Power Bank-Blue

The batteries we use in our products are matched to last enough hours, according to the size of the light wattage. We use only new batteries, not refurbished ones.

Our battery claims are genuine.

We sell quality products


10000Mah Solar Mini Portable Power Bank will charge your cell phone about 2-3 times depending

on the level and size of the phone battery. Can be used for any DC product, i.e., Cell Phone, fan,

mosquito killer, light.

Accessories: Light and Cigarette Lighter


The built-in solar Panel is an accessory only. We recommend Using the Electricity USB cable when wanting to charge.

The Main way of charging is with Electricity. via a USB charging port. Charging time:2-3 hours with



Secondary charging source: solar panel. The built-in solar Panel is an accessory only. Will

take a few days to fully charge when using the built-in solar panel, as the panel is small, and

the battery is big.

Charge the 10000mAh Power Banks with electricity or via an external Solar Panel Charger. Can use a 4w, 6w, or 15w solar panel charger. It may take a while depending on the level of the battery.


Built-in quality batteries and comprehensive multi-protect safety system, including overcharge

protection, short circuit protection.


The battery capacity itself is 10000mAh, and its marked capacity is 10000Mah, although its actual output

capacity is 6600Mah. The conversion rate of each power bank is basically the same. The conversion

rate is about 65%. So, you can calculate their actual output capacity by yourself, 10000 x 65% =



Product Description:

Product Model:10000Mah Mini mobile power supply

Capacity 10000Mah

Input DC 5V/2 1A

Output1 1.5V/2 1A

Two charging ports

One input to charge the battery bank

Shell material: Plastic ABS

Product Weight: 260g

Product Size: 16 x 8.5 x 2cm

Weight: 310g

Socket Standard: Micro USB

charging time in Full daylight

What's in the box
1 x 10000Mah Solar Power Bank-Blue