Standard Warranty – sosolar

Standard Warranty

Sosolar Standard Warranty And Refund Policy

All Goods

1. Sosolar will give its clients a (6 month) warranty from date of delivery or collection on all goods sold, except for batteries and Inverters.
1.1 Batteries have a factory warranty when tested at the factory and tested once before the client receives it. If there is a problem and the battery is tested by us and shows 90% state of health or more the problem is the users system and there will be no guarantee on the battery. If it is decided between the seller and the user to refund we will refund the amount less the time of usage.
1.2 On Inverters there will be No Warranties.
1.3 Please note all returns will be charged a shipping fee if requested by the customer for us to pick up. Otherwise cost is on the customer to return the item if the return is approved.
2. Sosolar will assess damaged item/s prior to finding best solution to resolve the issue.
3. In the event of the Goods being damaged and/or partially damaged and not recovered and/or repaired. SOSOLAR shall have the right to decide whether the damage was one of a manufacturing nature or factory fault or carelessness or maliciousness.
4. In the event that the damage is of a manufacturing nature/factory fault Sosolar shall refund its client the amount paid for the battery less a percentage of the time used as a percentage discount on a new battery.
5. SOSOLAR shall not be liable for any loss whatsoever, including personal injury suffered or incurred by the Customer or a third party as a result of operation or non-operation of the Goods.
6. Turnaround times on malfunctioning goods shall be determined by the nature of the incident.
7. Sosolar undertakes to at least give feedback on any incident within 72 hours of it taking place.
Turnaround time will be communicated in this 72 hours.
8. The signature on the Delivery Acceptance by the Customer or its representative shall be deemed to be acknowledgment that the Goods have been delivered in good condition and inspected and approved by the Customer and shall constitute a prima facie proof of the delivery. The Customer at this stage may identify any part of the goods that may have any physical damages which will still be under warrantee and will be fixed by Sosolar.
8a) The customer or 3rd Party is required to inspect the goods in the store before taking delivery of it. We do not Guarantee any Goods broken or damaged after the Goods have left the store. We do not cover any Factory Warranty that was caused by an Electrical Surge.
9. The Customer shall insure the Goods against all risks with the reputable insurance provider as the warrantee does not account for fire or theft of the Goods. This insurance must be in place from the date of the delivery of the Goods.
10. It is specifically recorded that the warranty is related to the Goods and not to the servicing and/or maintenance of the Goods. The Customer shall enter into a separate maintenance agreement with SOSOLAR. The Customer shall not have the Goods serviced through any other third party without prior written approval of SOSOLAR.
11. SOSOLAR warrants that the Goods are suitable for the purposes of the Customer. Any specific requirements are need this must be noted before purchasing.
12. The Customer shall use the Goods for the purpose it is intended only and to store the Goods in a careful and diligent manner and to protect it from any damage whatsoever. Allowing Sosolar to honour their warranty.
13. Batteries that have been discharged or charged below or above the advised voltage or that have been shorted do not carry a warranty.
14. All inverter batteries and solar geysers have to be installed by qualified installers, failing which the Goods do not carry a warranty.
15. Immediately notify SOSOLAR in writing of any fault, defect, damage and/or theft of the Goods;
16. Permit SOSOLAR and its agents to enter the premises where the Goods are installed at any reasonable times to assess damages and problems that might arise.
17. Not to allow or cause removal and/or obliteration and/or change of any identification marks on the Equipment while under warrantee.
18. Indemnify SOSOLAR against any claims, costs, expenses arising out of the infringement of any intellectual property rights, attachment or loss of the Goods.
19. Inform SOSOLAR in writing prior to any sale or alienation of goods.
20. Limitation of Liability:
In no event shall Sosolar be liable for any incidental, indirect, special or consequential damages or liabilities (including but not limited to incidental or consequential damages for loss of time, inconvenience, loss of use of product, or any other consequential or incidental loss) in connection with the purchase, use, or operation of the machine.

Sosolar is not liable for property damage, personal injury or death.